The configfile is using the .ini-format. Currently all settings are read from the [General]-section.

Key Description
log Path to TS3Server-logfile(s) (supports globbing)
output Path to the location, where the generator will put the generated .html-file
idmap Path to IdentMap
debug debug mode
onlinedc Add timedelta from last-connect until now to onlinetime for connected clients
template Path to a custom template file (relative from tsstats/ or absolute)
datetimeformat Format of date/time-values used for render-timestamp and last online (using datetime.strftime)
onlinetimethreshold Clients with an onlinetime below that threshold (in seconds) are hidden in the onlinetime-section



log = /usr/local/bin/teamspeak-server/logs/ts3server*_1.log
output = /var/www/html/stats.html
$ tsstats -c config.ini