Contributions are very welcome!

Before developing a new (possibly breaking) feature, please open an Issue about it first so we can discuss your idea and possible implementations.

Please read this document carefully before submitting your Pull Request to avoid failing CI tests.


Your contribution should pass flake8 as well as isort.


There are unit tests for all parts of the project built with py.test. Besides py.test tests require BeautifulSoup for template-testing. Those requirements are listed in testing_requirements.txt:

$ pip install -r testing_requirement.txt
$ py.test tsstats/tests/


TeamspeakStats uses Semantic Versioning. Please don’t bump versions in your Pull Requests, though, we will do that after merging.

Python Versions

To keep the tool accessible and maintainable at the same time at least Python 2.7 is required, so keep this in mind when using fancy new features from a recent Python version.